Netflix negotiating to buy the famous theater Grauman’s Cinémathèque US

The giant of the Silicon Valley would be negotiating to buy the film library american the mythical cinema of egyptian inspiration, built in 1922, and located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. A jack-of-war symbol. It is certainly not the first milestone of a shift in the strategy of Netflix on the exploitation of its productions in movie theatres, but the war is symbolic of the appetite of the giant of the Silicon Valley. According to the website Deadline, who reports the information, the firm is negotiating to buy the American Cinematheque, located in Los Angeles, the famous Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. The cinema mythical built in 1922 and which could accommodate more than 1700 people is quite characteristic of the roaring twenties and its constructs extravagant worthy of a palace. It is there, at 6706 Hollywood Blvd, that took place the first premiere of a movie in Hollywood; in this case, Robin hood with Douglas Fairbanks. That is to say, the historical importance of the place. Unfortunately, with the crisis that hit the movie industry in the 1980s and 1990s, the room vegeta in a state of semi-abandonment, in the absence of actual operation and maintenance. It was sold for a symbolic dollar in 1996 at the American Cinematheque, who undertook to restore the whole to a bill of over 12 million dollars, thanks to generous patrons, including Steven Spielberg. The mission of the American Cinematheque is not to earn money but to preserve the film heritage, it appears that it seems to be struggling for a while to keep afloat the operations of the venue, which regularly sees passing of retrospective and a few previews. The deal that is being concluded between the American Cinematheque and Netflix suggests, according to Deadline, the film library will continue to plan its works on the weekend as well as during various cultural events organized, while Netflix will be the hand on the programming the other days of the week, while having also the possibility to use the space for evening events such as premieres and other large projects. It should be furthermore noted that Ted Sarandos, head of content on Netflix, is a member of the board of directors of the American Cinematheque, even if some sources state that the person concerned has retired from the board during the vote on this agreement, so as not to be accused of being judge and party. The manoeuvre of Netflix is all the same skilful and clever. Buying a place as legendary, located at an address that is not less mythical, the firm hopes to attract the good graces of moviegoers, and that, even as a streaming platform, it is nonetheless concerned about preserving the cinema and the experiences they can offer. As an echo to the rant of Steven Spielberg , which was opposed to that of works produced by Netflix to be able to be eligible for the Oscars. Now, Netflix will be able to organize a large pump its premieres on Hollywood Boulevard. We take the bet that they are going to organize the Irishman of Scorsese ?