Sundance 2019 : the festival in 5 memorable dates

The 35th festival of independent cinema Sundance starts on the 24th of January, the opportunity to go back over some key dates of this renowned event, but ultimately little known. On the occasion of the 35th Festival of Sundance, which is held this year from 24 January to 3 February, back on some key moments of the history of this festival is very famous which one often doesn’t know all of the past : 1978 – Launch of the Utah/United States Film Festival” This festival took place in Salt Lake City at the initiative of Sterling Van Wagenen (then head of production of firm Robert Redford), but also John Earle and Cirina Hampton Catania (member of the film commission of Utah). The idea was to give a spotlight to the independent film american at a time marked by the arrival of blockbusters like jaws (1975) or star wars (1977). It was also screened films of heritage. 1981 – The Sundance Institute Created by Robert Redford of the Sundance Institute, an organization non-profit designed to promote independent artists. Programs are set up to discover and financially support independent filmmakers, stage actors and composers from around the world. The name “Sundance” comes from the character of Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Kid (French release in 1970). 1989 – Welcome to the New-Wave indie In 1989, Sundance presents Sex, lies and videotape, which won the audience award, and found the filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. Ensue in the early 90’s a “New Wave” of independent filmmakers such as Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Todd Haynes or Todd Solondz. In 1991, the festival was officially renamed the “Sundance Film Festival”. 1993-1998 – The recognition of the Native and Mexican Sundance contributes to greet Smoke Signals ” (released in France under the title Phoenix Arizona), the first feature film written and directed by Native. Supported by the incubator of Sundance, the film is the first film of the Indians of America to be commercially operated in room in 1998. A few years ago, the first writing lab reserved to the writers Mexican is put in place. The scenario of The Neck of the devil, Guillermo Del Toro will be. 2016 – The Birth of a Nation The film self-produced directed by Nate Parker sells for a record price : Fox Searchlight bought it for $ 17.5 million to the noses of other companies interested including the Weinstein Company, Netflix, Paramount, and Sony. However, it is a first feature which won the audience award and the Grand prize. This beats the $ 10.5 million for Little Miss Sunshine in 2006, or the 10 million for Hamlet 2 in 2008 and marks a turning point in the interest that may have the studios for a movie with both the jury and the public. Find the 10 days of Sundance on channel Sundance TV. Every night, from 25 January to 3 February and from 22: 30, SundanceTV broadcasts a selection of films the most noticed during the famous Festival in Park City. The Birth of a Nation trailer VO

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