Young Sheldon : the spin-off of Big Bang Theory is renewed for two seasons !

CBS just renewed “Young Sheldon” for two new seasons, showing his confidence in this series to take the place of “Big Bang Theory” when it stops in may. Cliff Lipson/CBS Young Sheldon will grow up before our eyes ! CBS just ordered two seasons of the spin-off of Big Bang Theory ! The chain has taken this decision after the good hearing of the series, which has clearly found its audience. This announcement comes in a context where Big Bang Theory is nearing its end. After 12 seasons, and very good audiences to the key, Penny, Leonard, Sheldon and the other will say goodbye to their fans next may. The double-order placed by CBS confirms if need be that Young Sheldon is in the process of recovering the niche weekly left vacant by her series mother as soon as the next school year and for at least two years. Recall that in December last year, the two series had a cross-over, in which Leonard and Sheldon were watching a VHS of Sheldon child before realizing that his father had recorded a football game over ! 10 references to “Big Bang Theory” in “Young Sheldon” : See the slideshow Slideshow Young Sheldon : 10 references to The Big Bang Theory in its spin-off 10 photos

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